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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/26/2017

What is Vigilance?

I saw that the Telescope does +Vigilance but what does that even do?
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• 12/11/2016

My skill is "25 x 0.4". Where does the 0.4 come from?

Got back into this game recently, this seems new / I can't remember it from when I played back in early 2015. Where does it come from and how can I improve it so I get more out of my actual ability?
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• 2/28/2016

Therian Club

Dear Therian Saga Wiki Community.
I have always wanted to create a fansite or knowledge base for therian saga, and yours seems pretty complete, in fact, as complete as i would ever achieve alone. So, im here by proposing a sort of "moving" of all of your wikia content to a wordpress based knowledge base created by me. It has paid host and once it is done i will buy the domain. You're probably wondering, why the hell would i do that? Well, wordpress has way more funcionalities than wikia, including working forums and fully customizable design. We could make something really big, and make it official with Vyrtis. If you would like to know more, answer me and i will provide you with a temporary link to the website, so you can check it out. Thanks for your time! P.S: Everyone with rights here would have same rights in the future website.
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• 8/30/2015

Other Client

I saw somewhere that there is a different client, with new features, such as coordinates. How do I access it?
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• 1/14/2015

how can you gained leadership

how can you gained leadership
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• 1/9/2015

Small Uncut Deep Stone

Sorry, my English is bad. My question is - is it possible to get a Small Uncut Deep Stone knocking him out of the monster or just using Gemstone ekstraktion? If so, where it is best to do this?
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• 10/18/2014

Stopping my work for now

Hi I feel a big disapointment in the turn to grindfeast the game has taken as of this last update, I am considering quiting the game and go into some other comunity building around star citezen.
If nothing changes of the new update within the next few days this is it for me.
If I am leaving, I will be leaving some contact information in case there is any need for me on this wikia, such as hey thers no admin/buerocrat around and you neeed the power etz.
-Entering standby mode-
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• 9/1/2014

Reformating Items

looks like I have some spare time this upcoming week.
I'm taking this time to finalise the structure of Items.
you can see how its going on items page (not the category)
so far only Items->Armour->Harnois and Leather are compleated.
Once each group has a table in this new structure, the curent category system will be the one adverticed to the public.
this is alot of work and I apreaciate any help I can get filling these talbes.
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• 7/17/2014

Weapons pages

How do you all think we should be doing weapons pages/categorization? KaosMoon (Celestine) has been entering individual pages for the different weapons but suggested we make a page for the more base weapon and then have the 5 different quality levels of that weapon on that page. What do you all think? How should they be organized?
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• 6/7/2014

Items categorized.

I am done with building the Category tree for the Items section of the wikia.
The set up follows that of the Public market, and a Nontradable subcategory for quest items/agreements etz.
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• 6/1/2014

testing some features

you might have noticed there is now a live chat, and a new edditing system, you can still use the old one by clicking the arow next to eddit, this is most likly teporary whilst I'm testing some things out.
your Input on these features and more if you know about them are welcome :9
personly I'm not a fan of the new edditor as it adds some extra clicking and the live chat I'm not sure why I would use it ;)
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• 5/29/2014

Root page

I think the root page could probably be more useful than it is right now. Maybe lists of the different trades to make it quick to get to, or a list of the updated stuff. I'd enjoy reading any suggestions you may have.
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• 5/28/2014

Locations category

I found alot of quests and items catogarised to locations today, don't do it or our location sub category will be swamped with items.
only Locations should be sub categorised to other location Hawkoria->Plains of Hawkoria->City of Hawkoria  (City of Hawkoria beeing categorised as both plains of Hawkoria and Hawkoria)
I dont want to see  Hawkoria->Plains of Hawkoria->Orchis even tho it grows there.
Just a heads up to whoever messed that up ;) cleaned it up.
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• 5/26/2014

les active

I have been a bit less active, and will continue beeing so for the next few weeks, moving and starting work atm, but I'm always here if someone needs something, you only need to poke me in some way, not that I'm sure what that would be, you guys seam to be going on like madmen :)
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• 5/20/2014

Basic fabrics for clothing

I was thinking about adding this to the Sewing article but figured that it was too PoV, so I'll just dump it on the forum instead:

Linen: The basic fabric. Good for training or making Short Tabards to sell cheaply or just give away. You will need a lot of linen thread for waxed cotton fabric later on.
Hemp: A good training material. It gives a decent amount of important stats for newbies, so you can sell off what you make. Also gives high Swamp skill.
Cotton: Decent Urban skill. Kind of crap for everything else.
Fustian: A niche fabric that takes more time to produce but doesn't have any standout stat compared to hemp or cotton. Think of it as a more versatile Cotton: negligibly less Urban (due to rounding, it may actually be the same) but not shit at everything else.
Nettle: High Cave skill of the basic fabrics. There's an achievement for making a full set of clothes.
Wool: High Mountain but outclassed by Waxed Cotton. Also high Snow and good for bedding. Wool Thread can be purchased endlessly at the large white flock, which actually makes wool the second fastest fabric to produce after linen. Unfortunately, it's slightly too tough to use with a Frail Bone Needle.
Waxed Cotton: Although difficult to work, this fabric is relatively easy to produce and is better than everything before it (except Cotton and Nettle). This is the last fabric that doesn't require anything but Horticulture to produce.
Silk: High Urban and Leadership. Silk Thread may be harvested in the City of Hawkoria as a Commerce action.
Of course, most of these fabrics are outclassed by more advanced stuff, but advanced stuff is also vastly more expensive.
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• 5/16/2014

Therian Saga artists

I just punched the names credited on the about page into Google.

Gong Studios (Map, Characters and Equipments)
Alexey Aparin (Non Playing Characters)
Tyler Edlin (Theme Picture and Dungeons)
Jon Adamich (Main Soundtrack)
Arthur Panov (User Interface)
Jeff Ward (Landscapes)
(well, I assume this is the right person: Jeff Ward is actually a pretty common name)
Nat Monney (Location Icons)
George Wyman (Landscapes)
(again, super common name; I'm just assuming it's the same guy who's working on Starbound)
Stéphane Régnière (Website Design)
Studio Élément (Trailer)
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• 5/14/2014

Beryl Park notes

Dumping because I don't feel like formatting it









Search the rubble (Archeology:9) to get loot (Blocks)
Marble Block

Loot (?) 11h30m cooldown
Light up the censers in the right order (Alchemy:10)


Move to B3
Scale the wall (Mountain:17)
Look for an opening mechanism (Archeology:12)

Ivory Key
Scale the wall (Mountain:18)
Cut down the perches (Woodcutting:15)
Solve the enigma of the perches (Archeology:12)
Go back to the park (General) to move to B2

Make a note (General) for Proofs of the intangible

Make a note (General) for Proofs of the intangible
Exit Beryl Park (Land) to leave



move to D4
Use the key to the metal door (General)
requires Green gemstones key

Bust of Archibald Landel
Help Archibald Landel
An ancestor's benediction
Make a note (General) for Proofs of the intangible
Go back through the door (General) to move to C4

Make a note (General) for Proofs of the intangible
Statue of Beryl
Beryl's choice (Requires: Decision made; Reward: Beryl's finger, Foggy Pearl x4)
[Start] The statue's eyes look at the block with admiration. In her right hand she holds a small dagger, which is pointing towards the bell.
[Finish] The statue reverts to its initial pose as if nothing had happened. Four foggy pearls roll on the ground.
Decision made
Ring the small bell (General) to fight Protective Statue
Scult a gift for Beryl (Stonecutting:12)
Small Uncut Cassiterite, Lump of Borm
Go through the sculpted door (General) to exit dungeon
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• 5/14/2014

Wiki wordmark

I tossed together a quick wordmark (the thing at the top left). It's honestly not very good, but it will suffice until somebody makes something better.
Apologies for the bunnies. I was actually going to include a lot more but I decided that three was enough. >_>;
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• 5/7/2014

Welcome to therian saga wikia feel free to introduce yourslf

Hi I'm fresi and want to contribute to a sharing of information in this game I realy have come to like in a strange way.
Geting so anoyed at other wikis where I can not do anything to change the content without hoping threw strange loops :)
I'm 25 from Finland, big fan of gaming, documentarys, Reading, sci-fi, life and Sea.
Oh and I'm dyslectic so ty if you corect anything I have misspeled in the wikia *plox*
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