A dreamy clearing is a location in LanfarLoudthunder forest (around 14, 243).

Be Warned! You can't get through this dungeon without a Cave skill of 25 or higher!

Location can be obtained from the quest: Fighting headaches



A dreamy clearing

  • Forest 18
  • Action: Lie down on the bed of leaves (leads to the dungeon)

A dreamy clearing dungeon

A dreamy clearing.png


Alternate flowchart

Dungeon cordinates Difficulty Task/Quest/Items of interest Reward from task/info
A dreamy clearing
Bed of grass and leaves Drink hypnotropic hypnotopic potion can be created at  Kor Shelian's cabin
The hare, the turtle and the boar Forest 18
A family kitchen Urban 12
A idyllic life Urban 12 Spray the virus Loot, Virus defeated needed for Knock knock, who's there? quest
A thriving civilization Urban 20
A last call Urban 12 Spray the virus Loot
Nothingness Snow 5 Knock knock, who's there? Quest start
Figures in the fog Urban 12 Spray the virus Loot
Burned ground Desert  5
The end of beauty Swamp 5 Spray the virus Loot
Offer yourself as Sacrifice Access to A hole in the head
Head back into the dark room Access to A well of light
A hole in the head Cave 25 Search the darkness (combat), Exploration 20 Mirror dust Used for Spray the virus task
A well of light Urban 18 Invoke a precious object Silver Phoenix Pendant

  • Potential rewards for "Invoke a precious object" include: 5 uncut deepstones.


Fight Boss at A hole in the head to obtain mirror dust.  Here is sample of mobs you will encounter:

Nightmarish creature.png

Viral blob.png
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