Hope Island quests
  1. A first job
  2. Working at the docks
  3. The rangers' camp
  4. Learning exploration
    1. A compass for you
    2. Making a compass
  5. From theory to practice
  6. A first companion
  7. Getting the potion
  8. Find the captain of the guard
  9. Leaving the island

A first job is the first quest in the game. There are no requirements beyond creating a new character. Simply click on 00795 Jack Brakarson at 01837 Eel Bay to talk to him.


A first job
Quick! We must empty the ship's hold before the tide gets too low. I'll pay double to everyone who's willing to help!
LargeHelpIcon Accomplish the task "Empty the ship's hold" at the island docks, then talk to Jack to confirm the job is done.
Required Reward
Help empty the hold
0 Gold 0 Silver 50 Copper
Rudimentary Soft Leather Gloves
Rudimentary Fir Staff


After accepting the quest, the general action [ 00337 Empty the ship's hold ] is added to Eel Bay. This takes 20 seconds, costs 0.1 energy, and gives you the "Help empty the hold" flag. After completing this task, return to Jack Brakarson for your reward.