A friend in need
A great friend, a former lover to be honest, but please don't shout it from the rooftops, was kidnapped by bandits, well, I assume that's what happened, but I never had a ransom demand, while he was hiking through the Threebrothers Mountains. You guessed right, I'd like you to rescue him. I have the feeling it's going to get rough, and I can hardly handle a blade. Would you do me this favor?
Required Reward
Weakened Yraen
Yraen Assalan
3 Tonic Cookies
12 Foggy Pearls
Notable Firm Leather Arms


After accepting this quest, head to the quest marker in Threebrothers Mountains (13 Mountain). As suggested by the marker hint, east of the marker you will see a small pond, which is where you must explore to find the old, abandoned cabin.

The dungeon is fairly small, but Yraen is locked in the western/top-left most room. Just before this room you will fight a Troglodyte Lieutenant. Talk to Yraen and accept the quest my first sword and he will join you.

Even in his weakened state, Yraen is no pushover, so even if you have a relatively weak party it is possible to try and rush to his cell and then use him to fight your way back out. Even if you have to flee or are mutilated, Yraen will stay with you and is probably worth the energy spent.

Grab Yraen's sword for his subquest and bring him back to Mave for a relatively powerful companion.


Yraen will force his way into your party even it exceeds your normal authority or companion slots. This can be abused to give yourself a substantial combat boost, which may be helpful if you tackle Landel Islands next. However, you cannot change your party without going back below your normal limit, making it inconvenient to keep long term if you want to actually progress in the game.

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