The metal trades
10 points
A special order for Boc
I received a special order for tin blades, I think it's for a decoration. Normally tin is molded, not forged. If you could make the blades and deliver them to Boc in Craneharbor, it would help me a lot. Boc will pay for the order himself.
LargeHelpIcon The blades must be of "regular" quality.
Required Reward
10 Tin Blades
0g 5s 20c

If you haven't already, use Recipe: Blade that you were given in an earlier quest. If you have lost this recipe, then you may purchase another copy from Karl Gourin.

Knowing this recipe will add the [ Forge blades ] option to The Gourins' forge (if its your first recipe, it will also unlock the Forge option in Teasan village and City of Hawkoria). Click this option and add the Tin Ingot and Firewood as components and make sure the selected quality is Regular.

When the task is completed head down to Boc's handles in Craneharbor and deliver the blades to Boc for your payment.

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