You've just given me proof of your skill; that was a good initiative on your part. Now I would like to ask you a favor. When I was young, my grandfather used to tell me about a magical whip that could grant its owner the ability to tame dragons. Ha! Ha! Ha! I don't believe this weapon really exists, but I'd like to find the origin of this old legend. If you can bring me documents about this whip, I'll reward you by teaching you how to train a catoblepas.

I've heard the mayor of Sheros might now the location of an ancient library. You should start there. If you've never been to Sheros, ask Eleonia, the Falconer at Enorwen. She'll give you some information.

  • If a quest's objective is located on a site, you myst explore the surrounding area to discover it. It is possible you've alread discovered the necessary site for the quest.



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