Acacia Park is a location and dungeon in Landel Islands in Hawkoria at roughly [-10, 166]. Can be reached from the Little abandoned dock.

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Acacia ParkEdit

  • Forest 13
  • Action: Go through the gate (enters the Acacia Park dungeon)

Eliandel Eater enemy encountered at C3, B3

Acacia Park dungeonEdit


Dungeon coordinates Difficulty Task/quest Reward from task
A1 General Make a note Proofs of the intangible
General Exit Acacia Park Exit the dungeon

NPC: Acacia statue

Head back to the main path Move to B3
B1 None
B2 Botany: 27 Find Landel Vines Landel vine 1-2, 80%
B3 Botany: 13 Pull up the plants Move to A3
Woodcutting: 13 Cut the climbing plants
B4 Forest: 18 Climb the tree Green gemstones key
Archeology: 8 Search the alley
Taming: 12 Ask a small animal for help
C3 None
D3 Wooden key Use the key to open the door Move to E3
E1 General Open the maple wood chest Landel Islands title deeds, Recipe: Eliandel nuggets

Make a note

Proofs of the intangible
General Dive into the pool Exit the dungeon

NPC: Enormous tree

Acacia's finger
Botany: 16 Treat the tree with respect The tree spirit is conviced, Loot
General Look under the root The tree spirit is convinced

Make a note

Proofs of the intangible
E3 General Head back through the door Move to D3
E4 Engineering: 8 Repair the mechanism Small sculpted tree for An offering for the trees
Woodcutting: 15 Destroy the table
Woodworking: 15 Repair the lever
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