Details Edit

Despite what Anaka thinks, I am not enteirely incompetent. I did all the security tests that needed to be done around the jewel, and my informants found the name of the potential thief before he acted. I have no idea how he did it, but I know where we can find him. Do you mind if I drop the formalities with you? Here is my idea: you come with me at the criminal's den, you do your best to scare him, and he gave the Serpentine back to us. I'll give you, let's say, 75 percent of the reward and I clear my name. Sound like a plan?

Required Edit

  • Tuppence Twofeathers (once you accept quest, Tuppence joins your party. She counts as a companion and can be dropped at your home. She has no stats. Not sure which quests actually require her presence as I was able to do a task without her.)
  • Mongoose bitten

Reward Edit

  • 2g
  • Foggy Pearl x8
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