Beryl Park is a location and dungeon in Landel Islands in Hawkoria at roughly [-20, 167]. Can be reached from the Little abandoned dock.

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Beryl ParkEdit

  • Forest 13
  • Action: Go through the archway (enters the Beryl Park dungeon at C1)

Beryl Park dungeonEdit


Dungeon cordinates Dificulty Task/quest Reward from task
A2 Nothing
A3 Archeology: 9 Search the rubble Slate BlockMarble block
A4 Alchemy: 10 Light up the censers in the right order Loot: Ruby Ring

Mountain: 17

Archeology: 12

Scale the wall

Look for an opening mechanism

Move to B3

Mountain: 18

Woodcutting: 15

Archeology: 12

Scale the wall

Cut down the perches

Solve the enigma of the perches

Ivory key
General Go back to the park Move to B2
B4 General Make a note Proofs of the intangible
B5 Cave: 20, Master key

Mine Eliandel Ore

Eliandel Ore 1-5


Make a note

Proofs of the intangible

Exit Beryl Park Leave the dungeon
C2 None
C3 None
C4 General

Use the key to the metal door

(Requires Green gemstones key)

Move to D4
D4 General Make a note Proofs of the intangible
Archibald Landel's key Unlock Archibald's chest of drawers
Finished "Unlock Archibald's chest of drawers" Open the intangible chest Eliandel ingot x2, Loot
General Go back through the door Move to C4
E4 General Make a note Proofs of the intangible
Beryl's finger
General Ring the small bell (Fight Protective Statue) Decision made
Stonecutting: 12 Sculpt a gift for Beryl Small Uncut Cassirerite, Lump of Bom, Decision made
General Go through the sculpted door Exit the dungeon
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