General InfoEdit

Blood sap is a T3 companion that requiers Golden Wing: Flora and a Player built Inn in a region where blood saps are present to recruit.


Time/recruitment tick Cost/recruitment tick Effort Needed to Recruit
41:40 0 Gold 60 Silver 0 Copper 9.9 Inn, Golden Wing: Flora, Leadership: 32, Comfort : 40, Presence>0%

Base LvlsEdit

Trade Lvl
Horticulture 30
Botany 30
Defiance 10
Herbalism 30
Concoction strenght 10


Region Presence
Howling Swamps 10%
Hills of the Seven Mirrors 2%
Whispering forest 2%
Shortblades Mountains 2%
Renaissance Mountains 4%
Giant Plains 2%
Huntingwood 4%
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