Dowen cellar is a location and dungeon in Shortblades MountainsLanfar around (85, 253). The location is gained by the quest a last trail to follow which is part of the quest chain that begins with the Dowen enigma. It is much more difficult than every dungeon in Hawkoria, which can surprise players new to the Lanfar region. A strategy for defeating is here. Completing this dungeon opens a final quest which grants the player the fully powered Cerrydwen Cahern, who is a valuable companion.


  • Urban 20
  • Action: Enter Dowen cellar (enters the dungeon)
Dowen cellar
Dungeon cordinates Dificulty Task/Quest Reward from task
A1 Cave 22 Exit: Dowen cellar
A3 Cave 22 Look at the strange table (Dowen Achievement)
B1 Cave 22

Remove the stone: Extracting 18

Dig a hole: Engineering 15

Clear a passage: Exploration 28

Access to C1
B2 Cave 26
B3 Cave 26


Cave 25 Search the human remains, Archeology 18 Loot
Search quickly for valuables, Exploration 20 Loot, Mysterious codex

Retrace your steps

Access to B1

C3 Cave 22

Decipher the door runes: Archeology 22

Ask Cerrydwen to open the door: Leadership 15

Access to D3
D3 Cave 22

Rare Spawn: Lezaricus occultis

Pick up the Werene parchment Werene parchment, needed for Bits of paper quest
Pass the door again Access to C3
Get to the bare bones Quest start
Destroy the skeletonBlunt offense 15 Skeleton destroyed