Dowen enigma

Starting this quest will reward you Cerrydwen Cahern, companion, and the location of Abandoned coastal village.


You just arrived in Lanfar, right? Do you know the village of Dowen? It's a small abandoned village in the Shordblades Mountains. Nobody really knows what happened to the inhabitants. Are you ready to investigate it with me?

  • Cerrydwen will be added to your companions for the duration of her adventure. Note that the difficulty level of this adventure is quire high, so think carefully before taking the quest. (on site objective)




You get Cerrydwen Cahern as soon as you start this quest, she has 20 Exploration and 15 Archeology , and she takes up no companion slot/leadership so she's a great companion to have even if you can't finish the quest.

Editors note: If your doing the following steps, please document them and add to the wikia. I'm currently stuck at A last trail a bit further ahead and did not document the steps up to that part.

In Abandoned coastal villageEdit

You will have to search for artifacts in Abandoned coastal village, this will lead you to search for more clues in the mountains, in  Look for tracks (More clues) quest, all those locations can be found on Locations for Look for tracks .

  • 84, 259
  • 75, 261
  • 78, 257

This will then lead you on to spiders nest where you have to kill a bunch of spiders to get to the following quest: A last trail to follow

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