Small Uncut Obsidian x2 - Garrun'gol Cave (drop from mobs) or Longwatch black coal mine (Extracting: 11 / Cave: 14)

Gold sprig x2 - Sahod's oasis  (explore [43,159] then buy at his shop, use leadership or commerce)

Silver BandOld Rabouf's cabin Talk to Old Rabouf, clicking the dialog bubble about the silver band, then go to  Craneharbor, Tin Ladle, and talk to Zalae. She'll sell you one for 0 Gold 28 Silver 70 Copper.

Kids Appearance: see below, pick four of the locations.

Kids AppearancesEdit

At each location where they appear, one of the children will say something to the Hero.

  • Craneharbor (Tin Ladle), Lucia: "Does it bother you if I set the shop on fire? I've always dreamed of seeing a city burn."
  • Teasan Village, Lucia: "Look at this woman who limps! I bet if I violently hit her knee... would you like me to try?"
  • Sahod's oasis, Leon: "It would be very amusing if I were to steal all this fat man's parchments and replace them with letters filled with insults. Don't you think?"
  • City of Hawkoria, Lucia: "What a big city! It would be such a shame if rats invaded it! And I'm not talking about those weird and stupid ratkins, but about big, hairy, disgusting beasts carrying horrible diseases. It really would be a shame..."
  • Longwatch black coal mine, Leon: "Let's get lost in the tunnel! Oh? You think you'll find your way back? Nah, trust me, we won't ever come back."
  • Orogoi forest, Leon: "Really! You want to lose us in this forest? If you try that, I promise you we'll find you again one day, and next time we won't be as kind. Or, better yet, we'll find everyone you ever knew and poison them. Don't cross us."
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