Fromhalmvik to agra guarde

  • Start: Arico Somerio, The Moccasin Inn
  • Previous: Calming Arico Somerio
  • Next: Help from Nunzio
  • Required: 
    • Agreement with Mifune
      • Go to Borzem camp and perform the action: Haggle with Mifune
      • Requires Commerce 40 and 3 Hybrid Agreement, yields the Agreement with Mifune
    • Agreement with Timriel
      • Go to Maliken harbor and perform the action: Recruit mercenaries from Timriel
      • Requires Leadership 28 and 5 Gold, yields the Agreement with Timriel
    • Agreement with Sahod
    • Agreement with Perenelle
      • Go to Windthrows and perform the action: Sign a contract with Perenelle
      • Requires Commerce 28 and Forest 30, yields the Agreement with Perenelle
    • Agreement with Vera di Savoria
      • Go to City of Hawkoria, Merchant's district to talk to Vera, then go to Craneharbor, Craneharbor captaincy to perform the action: Convince the port authorities
      • Requires Leadership 35 and 5 Gold, yields the Agreement with Vera di Savoria
  • ​Reward:
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