Herbalism is a Flora trade used mainly to make Potions, Dyes and to fulfill quest requirements. After the patch of v1.17, herbalism now able to make feed which is used to train tamed companion.

Training Edit

In order to train in herbalism, unlocking the flora trade is required. After acquiring flora, herbalism can be learned and trained at the below locations:

Requirement Location Cost Duration Effort Notes
00707 Flora The orchard of a thousand fruits 50 Silver  00:40:00 9.7 Initial Training
00704 6 Herbalism max Berius Delta 35 Copper 00:02:46 0.7


Name Difficulty Defiance Min Cap Max Cap
Apprentice Herbalist 00596 0 Leadership 00704 1 Herbalism 00704 16 Herbalism
Craftswoman 00596 2 Leadership 3 00704 10 Herbalism ?
Farmer 10 ?
Herboris 20 ?
sage-stone 38 ?
Blood sap 30 ?


Name Type
Meticulousness Ampoule/Vial Potion
Botany Manual Tool
Mortar And pestle Tool

Potion stoves around the world Edit

Location Bonus
Lordly estate D3 00704 +30 Herbalism

Labor tasksEdit

These are Repeatable Tasks in exchange for money.

Difficulty Duration Energy Location Terrain Reward Important Note
00704 5 Herbalism 00:10:00 2.4 Orchard of a thousand fruits 00057 1 Urban 12 Copper 00704 +10 Herbalism bonus
00704 8 Herbalism 01:00:00 14.3 Berius Wood (none) 20 Silver 

00289 PotionmakingEdit


You craft potions whilst by a Stove , can be found in City of Hawkoria , The orchard of a thousand fruits and Maliken harbor amongst others. You can also build your own Stove . Each stove gives you a bonus to you Herbalism skill and 00753 Concoction strength so chosing the right one can be important.


For Ampoules you need one empty Ampoule , 2 plants and a binder .

For Vial you need 3 plants one empty Vial and a binder . Recipe to craft Empty Vials can be purchased from Kolbo in Livalai Tools - under the tab Livalai consumables.

The Concoction strenght needs to be 0 or less, you can achive this by chosing stronger vial /ampoules or binder .

Longevity & Toxicity:Edit

Longevity of a potion determines the length of time the potion will remain active, 2h+(15min x Longevity).

As for toxicity, it's determined by the most toxic plant used in the creation of the potion, a player can consume potions up to 100 toxicity in total before having to sleep or use a Chimeric Elixir to lower the body's toxicity level.

For more Info on best plants for specific potions and other calculations read this guide.


Name Difficulty Duration to make Energy Type Recipe Discoverable
Healing Ampoule 1 4:10 0 Healing potion Berius delta no
Regeneration Ampoule 2 4:10 0 Energy potion Berius delta no
Mobility Ampoule 3 34:43 8 Mobility potion City of Hawkoria no
Endurance Ampoule 4 34:43 8 Endurance potion City of Hawkoria no
Meticulousness Ampoule 5 34:43 8 Meticoulousness potion City of Hawkoria no
Dexterity Ampoule 6 34:43 8 Dexterity potion City of Hawkoria no
Coordination Ampoule 7 34:43 8 Coordination potion Sahod's oasis no
Vision Ampoule 8 34:43 8 Vision potion The orchard of a thousand fruits no
Intelligence Ampoule 9 34:43 6 Intelligence potion Sahod's oasis no
Healing Vial 20 41:40 9 Healing potion Camp Arzen yes
Regeneration Vial 22 41:40 9 Energy potion Camp Arzen yes
Mobility Vial 23 1:16:23 18 Mobility potion yes
Endurance Vial 24 1:16:23 18 Enduance potion Camp Arzen yes
Meticousness Vial 25 1:16:23 18 Meticoulousness potion yes
Dexterity Vial 26 1:16:23 18 Dexterity potion Camp Arzen yes
Coordination Vial 27 1:16:23 18 Coordination potion yes
Vision Vial 28 1:16:23 18 Vision potion Camp Arzen yes
Intelligence Vial 29 1:16:23 18 Intelligence potion yes

Potion TypesEdit

Name Skills that boost
Healing potion Heals
Energy potion Regenerates Energy
Mobility potion Urban, Plains, Forest, Hills, Mountain, Swamp, Desert, Snow, Cave
Endurance potion Woodcutting, Carpentry, Extracting, Masonry, Foundrywork, Horticulture
Meticulousness potion Archeology, Woodworking, Sewing, Tanning, Jewelry, Herbalism
Dexterity potion Stonecutting, Forging, Taming
Coordination potion Blunt offense, Piercing offense, Slashing offenseBlunt defense, Piercing defense, Slashing defense
Vision potion Exploration, Prospection, Botany, Hunting, Land, Naval, Aerial
Intelligence potion Leadership, Commerce, Spying, Engineering, Alchemy

00719 Dyeworks Edit

Name Difficulty Duration Energy Discoverable 1 2 3 4 Recipe
Pale Blue  Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Hawkweed Mandrake Blue Gargkul Powder Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Pale Cyan Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Nordinia Saffron Rust Eater String Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Pale Yellow Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Viperin Mahlius Yellow Garkul Powder Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Pale Purple Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Orchis Crystalir Morel Forest Shark Tantacle Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Pale Red Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Dried Russula Varacia Monstrinus Cocroach Eye Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Pale  Green Dye 10 1:02:30 14 yes Tricinia Mahlius Ancient Lizard Scale Eyebrow Bowl 00336 City of Hawkoria
Dark Blue Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Allecorde Troll Claw Silvain Spirit Essence Bowl Jardin Dunvariel
Dark Cyan Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Maladivian Julno Cidopadur Pator Venom Bowl Jardin Dunvariel
Dark Yellow Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Amphrosis Gold spring Landel Lynx Golden Hair ¿Bowl? Jardin Dunvariel
Dark Purple Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Landel Vine Lamden Lanfar Shark Tantacle Bowl Jardin Dunvariel
Dark Red Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Ruidel Cascardent Black Gargkul Powder Bowl Jardin Dunvariel
Dark Green Dye 10 1:16:23 18 yes Tarsus Limena Mazhevite Eliandel Eater String Bowl Jardin Dunvariel
Name Difficulty Duration Energy Discoverable 1 2 3 4 Recipe


Feed is an item used in training tamed companion (companion with ferocity) in paddock, barn, or bestarium. Just like balm, they all require 108.8 and 7 hours 38 minutes 20 seconds to make it. All of them requires 3 plants, 3 foods, 1 binder, and 1 bowl. Feed can only be made in Greenhouse.

Name Difficulty Recipe
Feed of the livings 00704 10 Herbalism Borzem camp
Feed of societies 00704 10 Herbalism Praen's Farm
Feed of the conflicts 00704 10 Herbalism Discovery only
Feed of the elements 00704 10 Herbalism Sheros Community
Feed of the sun 00704 15 Herbalism Maliken harbor
Feed of the moon 00704 15 Herbalism Maliken harbor

Quests and Dungeons Edit

Task Location Difficulty Reward
Prepare a meal for a tortolion House on the hill, A2 00704 20 Herbalism, 00057 15 Urban Food For Tortolions, needed for Tame a tortolion cub task
Task Location Difficulty Reward

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