The player is initially sent to this series of island dungeons by the quests Rumors of ghosts and An ancestor's benediction. Both quests involve traveling between the three dungeons, sometimes more than once. An NPC questgiver, the bust of Archibald Landel, resides in Beryl Park behind a door whose key is obtained in Acacia Park., making this the most logical first goal. Pick up all Proofs of the intangible on the way. An efficient sequence is listed below.

Travel is via the Little Abandoned Dock.

Island DungeonsEdit

Annoyance NoteEdit

On Completion of the quest Rumors of ghosts but before quest turn-in: The option to travel to the Landel Islands from Craneharbor is removed until you turn in the quest, and then the trip back to the islands is 5 Silver  going forward.

Possible SequenceEdit

  1. Acacia Park, B4, to get the Green gemstones key.
  2. Beryl Park, B3, to get the Ivory key.
  3. Beryl Park, C4, to use the Green gemstones key to unlock the door, talk to the bust of Archibald Landel and get the quest Help Archibald Landel.
  4. Beryl Park, E4, to get Beryl's finger.
  5. Wolvera Park, C4, to get Landel Islands title deeds (Requires Exploration: 15)
  6. Wolvera Park, A5, to get Wooden key
  7. Wolvera Park. E3, to get Wolvera's finger
  8. Acacia Park, E2 to get Acacia's finger
  9. Acacia Park, E1 to get Landel Islands title deeds
  10. Beryl Park, D4, to turn in Help Archibald Landel, which will reward you with the key to get Archibald Landel's signet ring so you can immediately turn in An ancestor's benediction.
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