The metal trades
10 points


My cousin's order
I'm back from a trip to Teasan. My cousin Hilburg, who teaches there, has asked me to fetch the materials he needs to make a bronze ingot. Copper and tin can both be found near Craneharbor, but unfortunately there is an emergency here on the bridge, and I must remain here. Could you find these materials in the area and bring them back to me?
LargeHelpIcon You must visit Tinhou at Craneharbor and Alboar at the Berius delta to fulfill this task.
Required Reward
*10 Copper Nuggets
*0g 6s 0c


With at least 8 Prospection, gather together the require nuggets and bring them back. Despite the advice, you can get the nuggets from anywhere. Berius delta has 5 prospection if you need it.

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