This page is for equip-able profession stat Pets implemented in April 2018 patch, not to be confused with Taming companions. Pets are obtainable very early in the game, so Terrain & Combat stat info has been included.


  • 10 Falconers Reputation points are required to purchase special horns first. Purchasing the horns will unlock the Pets' taming tasks each in a specific way (see below). The Falconers points are not consumed when purchasing horns.
  • Fellowship of the Falconers in Plains of Hawkoria: Secret Eyrie in Hall of the Hawk tab will sell the horns you need, for ~11G 50S ea and one horn is consumed when taming a Pet.
  • Zero General skill task, but corresponding Terrain skill checks apply to all except Social Pet.
    • Horn of Items
      • Research - Discerning Falcon: Threebrothers (13 Mountain) 111,206
      • Stone - Marble Scorpion: Kingfalcons (16 Mountain) 110,148
      • Metal - Steel Scorpion: Threebrothers (13 Mountain) 120,174
    • Spirit Horn
      • Social - Charminosa Rabbit: City of Hawkoria, Residential district, Park in the noble distric
      • Fashion - Crystalline Garkul: Silver Mountains, Garrun'gol Cave: C1 (15 Cave)
      • Science - Genious Blob: Longwatch (9 Hills) 61,142
    • Living Horn
      • Wood - Sylvan Lynx: Berrywood (12 Forest) 39,137
      • Flora - Fragrant Bear: Highaerie (13 Hills) 85,183
      • Fauna - Impractical Boar: Gruffgoat (10 Hills) 89,128
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Research pet location

location of the discerning falcon pet for research trade skills

Wood pet location

sylvan lynx wood pet location


Stone pet location

marble scorpion stone pet location

Metal pet location

steel scorpion metal pet location


Fashion pet location

crystalline gargkul fashion pet location

Science pet location

genious blob science pet location

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  • So far, Fashion pet is the only task in dangerous territory. Garrun'gol mobs can come in groups, & will commonly have up to 18 offense & defense on the path to the task. A rare spawn can also be encountered with up to 38 combat stats. 
  • To tame all 9 professions' pets, you need to buy three of each horn, for a total of 9 horns, costing ~103G 50S.
  • You need to have the appropriate horn in your backpack for the tasks to appear at their respective locations.
  • Must also be on location for tasks to appear.
  • 33.1 Effort
  • 2h18m53s Duration
  • Non-Stackable task (cannot combine queue with any additional tasks)


  • Each pet gives straight +1 magic type bonus skill point for all three skills of its respective trade.
  • Example: Discerning Falcon (Research)
    • +1 Exploration
    • +1 Archeology
    • +1 Transportation
  • Stacks bonus skillpoint with any equipped jewelry and/or active potion.
  • Each Pet will drop to the hero's backpack & is equippable similar to a tool.
  • Pets can be equipped for their skill bonus one at a time.
  • Equipped Pets can be seen by other players, & can be equipped to the Civil outfit for looks without providing a stat bonus.
  • Once tamed, that task will no longer appear.
  • Pets & horns are not tradeable.

Note: Apparently horns have unlimited stock, must be plans for future - stronger? combat? something non-pet related? :)

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