The metal trades
10 points
A good way to learn how to make objects is to try a rough version first. Although the final objects aren't too good, you learn a lot creating them.
Required Reward
Rudimentary Copper Dagger
4 Gold 93 Silver 


Upon accepting this task, you will be given a Copper Ingot. You will then need to purchase Recipe: Dagger from Karl Gourin for 11 copper, which will add the [ Forge a dagger ] action. Crafting a Rudimentary Copper Dagger requires 4 Forging, 1 Ingot and 1 Fuel. Make sure the quality is set to "Rudimentary" when crafting.

As Firewood is not strong enough to work a copper ingot on its own:

Purchasing a Blacksmith's Hammer is another option, but probably too expensive for new players.

Despite the advice given, making anything but the best quality item is generally a bad idea as each ingot take a long time to produce.

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