Sacred mine is a location and dungeon in LanfarShortblades Mountains (around 82, 250).

Make sure you have 20 Cave ability before going inside!



Sacred mineEdit

  • Mountain 20
  • Action: Enter Sacred mine

Sacred mine dungeonEdit

Sacred mine

Dungeon cordinates Difficulty Task/Quest/Items of interest Reward from task
A3 Cave 20 Exit Sacred mine
A5 Cave 20
B1 Cave 20
B2 Cave 20 Pick up the locket Osayuk's Locket (req. for Business connections)
B3 Cave 20 First batallion defeated  (Looking for Annagra)
B4 Cave 20
B5 Cave 20 Second batallion defeated  (Looking for Annagra)
C1 Cave 20 Third batallion defeated. (Looking for Annagra)
C3 Cave 20 Action: Pick up the Werene parchment

Action: Recover Acerui's spearhead (Initiates a fight with Acerui fanatic)

Action: Go back into mineshaft

  • Access to C4
C4 Cave 20

Smash down the planks, Woodcutting 12

Weaken the wood, Alchemy 15

Find a weak spot, Engineering 15

Access to C3

Access to C3

Access to C3

C5 Cave 20
D1 Cave 20 Looking for Annagra
D2 Cave 20
D4 Cave 20 Pick up forgotten odiemel 3-12 Odiemel Ore, 1-7 Odiemel nuggets
D5 Cave 20 Action: Lure the White Catoblepas (Initiates a fight with White Catoblepas)
  • Duration: 00:00:10
  • Effort: 0
  • Yields: Foggy Pearl, Quantity:1-4

Action: Bond with the White Catoblepas

E2 Cave 25

Mining for odimel, Prospection 28

Pick up forgotten odiemel

1-6 Odiemel Ore

3-12 Odiemel Ore, 1-7 Odiemel nuggets

E5 Cave 20

Mining for odimel, Prospection 28

Pick up forgotten odiemel

Fourth batallion defeated  (Looking for Annagra)

1-6 Odiemel Ore

3-12 Odiemel Ore, 1-7 Odiemel nuggets

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