The metal trades
10 points


The bronze ingot
As you probably know by now, bronze is an alloy of two metals. My cousin could tell you more about it. Cast a bronze ingot for him by following the recipe I gave you. Take this note, as well, as evidence that passing the order to you was my idea.
Required Reward
*Bronze Ingot
*0g 11s 46c


Gather together 8 Copper Nuggets, 2 Tin Nuggets and 1 Fuel - charcoal from the charcoal place or lignite from other players being the best choices.

Once you have the components, head to Teasan (a Village south/east of Cranehabor) and smelt a bronze ingot. You will need 9 Foundrywork to do this. If you haven't been doing anything else except following the tutorial quests, this will be just out of reach unless you buy some Bellows or hire an Artisan.

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