This article is about the quest, for the location see Rangers' Camp.

The rangers' camp is part of the tutorial quest chain. It teaches the player about simple fetch quests and that quests can unlock new locations.


You want to know where the rangers' camp is, to get a potion? Right away? Well, I'm on leave just now, so you'll have to wait until I'm back at work. Unless... The waitress, Helia, refuses to serve me any more Rhumbular. Order one for me, and I'll show you the way.

If you need coins to pay for the drink, you should go and see Jack at the docks. He often has some small jobs for newcomers.



Ahhh, delicious, thank you. Here are the instructions to get the potion. You need to talk to Ilia and Buromor. You should find them in a camp not far from here. I'll show you the way.

Thanks again for the drink. Have a nice trip!