Wojtek is an animal companion you can get after you complete the Wojtek's saga scenary quests, which all of them take place in the territory of Hawkoria. The first step is given by Mave in City of Hawkoria once you meet the quest's requirements. Wojtek is an animal, and as such, can not be left to prospect by himself.
Note by Author: It sounds like a lot, but once you have the requirements it only takes an hour or 2.Edit


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Once you have the requirements accept the "Illness in the Family" quest from Mave in the Visitor's district of City of Hawkoria (00704 4 Herbalism and "Ruined Engagement"-quest required). Then, you'll find Jaga inside Witch's cabin in Riverwood Forest. Convince Jaga to advance.

"Follow my instructions", It will required you:

  • Alsafa Leaves: Buy it from Sahod's Shop in Sahod's oasis (costs 87 Silver  silver coins): Alsafa Leaves have a very short stock, but you can obtain one from Sahod's personal stash:
Difficult Task
00596 12 Leadership Pay 90 Silver  silver coins for 1 Alsafa Leaves of Sahod's personal stash.
01315 7 Commerce Pay 30 Silver  silver coins for 1 Alsafa Leaves of Sahod's personal stash.

Return to the Witch's cabin and talk to Jaga. You will need to use 00704 8 Herbalism to purify two Bottles of contaminated alcohol into one Bottles of oserat alcohol. Once you've got the Elixer of Gaetz return to Mave and finish "Illness in the family" quest. Return to Jaga and accept the "An old ally" quest.

Meet with Olwen at The old hunter's hummock in Gruffgoat Hills and you'll have a few more quests ahead before you can face Wojtek.

"A Comb and a Pair of Scissors"

  • Pay another visit to Jaga and let her have 10 Varacia plants, she'll give you the Marwel spices.

"The Hunt Begins"

Return to Olwen and you will need to set up 5 Vibrating Posts in the surroundings of the old hunter's hummock. The coords for placing the vibrating posts are as follow: 74,127; 76,134; 62,139; 56,133 and 60,127.

Talk to Olwen again, and the next bit get's you Wojtek. It will require a free companion slot.
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